INAC Executive Search Worldwide
Responsive, adaptive and lasting solutions around the globe.
INAC - Executive Search Worldwide is a global partnership of executive search firms present in 40 countries with over 70 offices.
INAC has chosen Lobo Management Services as its search partner in the MENA Region because of its track record in the GCC, extensive local contacts and expertise across various sectors.
Lobo Management Services is proud to be part of one of the most innovative global executive search networks. LMS shares the same dedication to excellence and is close to the customer, both essential factors in succeeding with a search.
The partners meet twice a year to provide information, network, develop internal industry expert teams and initiate global business development activities. Case studies, knowledge, technology, industry and market trends, business leads and assignments are exchanged, so the network can provide existing and potential clients with a professional and comprehensive truly global search capability.