Strategy Manager - UAE National
Location   UAE
Sector   Banking
Job Type   Full Time
Date   03/07/2014
Job Ref No   LOBO/4302/2014

Company Profile

A large financial services entity is seeking a comptetent and experienced UAE national for this role.

Job Description

The Key responsibility vested in this position is to lead the strategy management process and assist the senior management in developing the 5-year strategic plan including priorities, KPIs, initiatives and the strategy map. He will be expected to provide Market and Product Development and Performance Management Sections with continuous updates on strategy management related issues. He will also cascade the strategy plan to the departmental level to ensure alignment with the corporate strategy by implementing the balanced scorecard system. At an operational level, the selected candidate will take custody of all related documentation and manage the change control process. He will design and implement a filing system to store hard and soft copies of the different documents and facilitate accessibility. He will submit required data to Government entities and support the strategy planning process. Internally he will discuss with and acquire from Heads of Departments their 5-year strategic plan. Ensure that project management is adequately employed to back the implementation of the firm’s 5-year strategy plan. Ensure appropriate communication between various departments and ensure that all strategic KPIs and initiatives hold ownerships that are agreed by owners. Assess completion status and quality of strategic KPIs and initiatives and advise owners.Play a pre-emptive role to avoid unecessary failures or delays, identify gaps,  try to solve and escalate in a timely fashion. Keep abreast of new developments, methods and techniques in strategic planning.

Candidate Profile

Bachelors degree in business administration or economics with 9 years experience in strategy implementation role.