Location   United Arab Emirates
Sector   Advertising
Job Type   Full Time
Date   19/07/2018
Job Ref No   3864

Company Profile

Our client, a globally recognized, multinational event company.

Job Description

Our client, a globally recognized, multinational event company is looking for a Director of Events for their United Arab Emirates division to lead their events team

Candidate Profile

"We need someone that is able to manage the creatives, the projects and the team in a relaxed manner. We need someone that can not only create structure within our operations, but someone who can manage it and lead others to follow. We need a company man. It's not necessary that the candidate in question has good contacts in the business, but he or she has to be able to manage someone who does." 

Here's a portrait of what our ideal candidate would look like -

  • Headstrong, brimming with confidence and the spirit of initiative. 
  • The ability to not only coordinate large-scale events, but the ability to manage people and the objectives of the company.
  • The ablity to think and strategize the management of people, company KPIs, understanding the market and how to grow it. 
  • Understand the career paths of the people he or she will hire, and give them a push.
  • Be able to make strategic long-term decisions to tend with company objectives - either plan for hundreds of events or two or three major events to meet with the goals.

In a nutshell, the scope of work of the ideal Head of Events for our client would be the following 

  • 50% managing people
  • 30% managing the shareholders and their expectations
  • 10% managing the business
  • 10% project management and the creativity that goes along with it.

We're looking for a very specific candidate for the role. If you think you're that person, we're really looking forward to hearing from you