Strategic HR
The objectives of this practice is to work hand in hand with the HR team and complement their efforts in bringing in a valuable third party perspective in order to identify some of the areas in HR strategies and policies that need strengthening to enable the organization to perform to its full potential. Very often the HR Head treads a lonely path and an uphill battle trying to bring in much needed changes, which are resisted. Our role would be to be a friend and partner to HR and strengthen their hands in bringing about these much needed changes.
Our modus operandi is to start with a diagnostic study and then address areas that need attention including revitalizing management systems, organizational structures, establishing effective HRM systems, policies and procedures, guiding HRM and line managers to move towards a performance culture, providing strategic direction and ensuring that appropriate systems and policies exist to aid business managers to more effectively manage people and services, developing compensation strategy aligned to the needs of the business and integrating HR strategies for merged entities.